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How to add Widgets to Bender Theme?

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If anyone knows how to add widgets to the bender theme please post instructions. Thanks!

Posted : 06/02/2021 5:48 am
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Where do you want to add widgets, what kind of widgets? Give more info.

Available for custom Osclass development.

Posted : 06/02/2021 6:26 pm
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Well the bender theme has no support for widgets. So, I think there is some code that needs to be added for it to show widgets. What kindo of widgets - basically, I am thinking of showing some sponsored ads or something with image and link that will show ads or link to an affiliate program on other site.  As far as where I want to show - it could be at the bottom of the page above footer or on the sidebar. Thanks!

Posted : 07/02/2021 4:46 am