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Converting osclass into pwa and adding chat option

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Hi all,

I think its best to convert osclass into a progressive web app. Because native app development is too costly, we can try pwa so that users can install our website like native apps.

Another thing osclass lacks is the ability chat. A user can be able to chat another one about a listing. Someone should implement these suggestions.


Thank you

Posted : 02/07/2021 5:10 pm
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Its depends on your theme you can easily create a osclass theme as a progressive web app. You can use ionic.css. insted of bootstrap or cistom css.

I think there was a plugin PM. Look at the downloads section.

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Posted : 02/07/2021 5:36 pm
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@fre2mansur I am not a developer. I don't know php or css.

I used the osclass pm plugin. It is not good. That plugin didn't provide me what i needed.

Posted : 07/07/2021 4:16 am
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I am working on a PWA + Native apps for Osclass. Not much to see yet but I'll let you know when it's there.

Available for custom Osclass development.

Posted : 20/07/2021 12:02 pm
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@dftd okay. Good to hear that. Native app development takes lot of effort. I need at least a PWA so that people can install it on their phone from chrome or from Google play store. 

Posted : 21/07/2021 3:47 am